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What to do if your child is absent


We expect parents to contact the school by phone on the morning of the first day of absence, to give us a reason for the absence and an idea of an expected time of return. If the absence runs in to the next school week, another phone call must be made on the Monday morning. When your child returns to school, they must bring a written explanation for their absence. Absence slips can be collected from the entrance lobby.

The registers are checked daily after 9:15 am against any messages we have received. If there is no message for an absent child, we will use the contact numbers available to us to ascertain a reason for the absence. If we are unable to do this we may contact the local police and inform them that a child is missing.

If we do not receive an explanation, or if the explanation is unsatisfactory, we may not authorise the absence and this will be shown as an unauthorised absence on your child’s report.

  • Registers are legal documents which record whether parents or carers have fulfilled their legal obligations and may be produced as evidence of an offence.
  • They are the best way to track students in case of emergency (e.g. in the event of a fire)

What happens if my child is late?

Children are expected to be punctual, arriving at school by 8:50 am for morning registration. Children arriving after 9:00 am must be brought to the school office and the office staff must be made aware of the child’s arrival. Children who are late must be accompanied to the office by parents/carers so the adult can sign their child into the late book, they should not just be dropped at the end of the school drive. The late book is checked every morning by office staff and completed registers will be altered to allow for the child’s late arrival and appropriate lunchtime arrangements will be made.

A child arriving after 8:50 am will be given the symbol “L” in the register.

Registers close at 9:15 am, so a child arriving later than this will be given the symbol “U”.

Every effort should be made by parents/carers to ensure their child arrives on time. Late arrival can be very disruptive, not only to the late child but to the rest of the class and the teacher.

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